We know the world of events inside out. Designing and producing stage sets for galas, concerts, conferences or festivals requires a lot of discipline due to short project implementation time. The variety of subjects of respective events enables us to give vent to our creativeness. We design and perform event stage sets for:

  • concerts in Poland and abroad (e.g. our latest implementation of a worldwide scale event – Ania Lorak’s concert in Minsk, Moscow and Saint Petersburg).
  • festivals (among others Disco HIT Festival Kobylnica, Orange Warsaw Festival, Sopot Festival, Astana Dausy)
  • business conferences (e.g. Annual ABSL Conference for which we were nominated for the MP Power award for visuals of the 8th edition of the conference or Kongres 590)
  • award ceremonies (e.g. Wejchert Gala of the Polish Business Roundtable and the Sports Champions Gala and Ball)
  • Various cultural events (e.g. implementation of a stage set for the World Youth Days in Cracow and an altar for the beatification of blessed Jerzy Popiełuszko)

And many others.


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