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Processing of all types of furniture boards up to 2100 x 4100 and a height of 230 mm

We mill all kinds of furniture boards, cut furniture fronts, details and 3D (2.5D) elements. We design furniture articles and decorative elements.

Processing of all types of plastic plates

We mill various types of plastics, e.g. Dibond, PVC, HIPS, ABS, Plexiglas, 2.5 XPS (Styrodur), Styrofoam. Thanks to milling, we can obtain various shapes.

Machining of aluminum with dimensions up to 2100 x 4100 mm and a height of up to 3 mm

We offer aluminum milling up to the maximum dimensions of 2100x4100 mm and a height of 3mm according to your design

Decorative panels

Openwork decorative panels for the radiator, walls partitions, wall decoration. They are perfect as a division rooms. On request, we make decorative panels from laminated boards or painted in a large range of colors.
Send us the pattern you like.

Radiator covers

We make covers for radiators and radiators to size and taste each client. We offer many designs and colors to choose from. We especially recommend enclosures for public institutions such as schools and kindergartens. Radiator covers are made of laminated MDF, MDF painted, plywood and laminated plywood. Radiator housings meet safety requirements.
Radiator cover radiator - the price depends on the size and the selected one material. Ask for a price list:
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