About us

We are one of the largest stage designing companies in Poland, operating since 1994. The founder and an artistic director is Marcin Pietuch who combines his long-term practical experience with an artistic and bold designing vision. The company structure includes a team of specialists in the field of designing (architects, interior decorators, stage designers) and a professional production team (experienced contractors and production managers).

We specialise in creating narrative exhibition spaces and museum exhibitions, television, theatre and event stage sets. We design starting with an idea, we look for innovative design solutions, we mark out totally new directions in the world of stage setting, architecture and designing. We prepare technical designs, we rent concert stages and organise cultural events, we participate in the implementation of film projects, we perform 3D visualisations and animations.

We prepare conceptual, technical and detailed designs, we produce concert stages and participate in the arrangement of cultural events and implementation of film projects. We create visualisations and implement them.

Our designs and productions are at the top world’s level. We have comprehensive experience in the performance of stage designing according to our own designs and under licences.

We know how to implement the greatest challenges and boldest ideas!

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