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Since 2010 we have been engaged with designing and producing museum exhibitions, creating touring scenarios, creating an educational space targeted at a wide group of recipients and solving all the technical challenges which we encounter. We are, among others, the authors and performers of the exhibition design of the Tourist Route in the basement of Rynek Główny in Kraków (Old Square in Cracow), implemented as part of the project titled Following the Traces of the European Identity in Cracow. We performed a permanent exhibition at the II World War Museum in Gdańsk, adapting the set designing concept prepared by the Belgian design office NV Tempora SA.

We collaborate with many museums in Poland, i.a. the Silesian Museum in Katowice, the Home Army Museum in Cracow, the Polish History Museum and Warsaw Citadel 10th Pavilion Museum in Warsaw, “PLANETARIUM” the Cosmos Popularisation Centre in Toruń and the Hewelianum Centre in Gdańsk. We accompany our Clients in all the designing processes and stages, starting with the first idea, through the development of a touring scenario and design and finishing with the exhibition implementation and opening.